Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winner Winner Winner!!

The winner of the AWESOME $30 gift card to Foster Weld is........ (Drumroll please).........

Congratulations!!!  I am so jealous!  Please check back here and let us know what you get with your gift certificate!

Just wanted to thank Foster Weld for donating this great prize!  You can find them at (click here) -->

Monday, March 21, 2011

Foster Weld $30 Gift Card Giveaway!!!!!!!!

You know how I told you that Foster Weld was
 going to do an awesome giveaway on my blog? 
 Well, here it is.  It's a............
$30 gift card to their store!!
I'm so excited about this!  By now you probably have read on here
how awesome they are!  
Their belts, buckles & cuffs are so cool & unique....
I wanted to share a picture of another item that they have.

Aren't these the CUTEST kid's belts?  Any little boy
 or girl would look stylin' in one of these!!

As you can see, Foster Weld has something for everyone
So, go check out their store!

In the meantime, enter their $30 gift card giveaway!

What you have to do.....
*MANDATORY (1 entry) Go to
and then come back and leave a comment about what item
you would love to have if you won the gift card
*Become a follower of this blog (1 entry)
*Blog about this giveaway on your blog, 
and link it back to here (1 entry)
*Get a friend to be a follower on this blog as well (1 entry)

As you can see, there are a few ways to enter.  
You can do all of them, but just 
remember to leave a separate comment on 
here for each thing that you do.
And, also leave your e-mail address
with your comments

I am very jealous of whoever the winner will be! 
It's an amazing prize!

Good Luck!
The contest will end on 
Monday March 28th!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Foster Weld

Hey guys!  
I have talked a lot this week about the 
company Foster Weld, and how awesome 
their hand made
belts, belt buckles and wrist cuffs are!
Stay tuned for this Monday!!
Foster Weld is doing an AWESOME giveaway 
here on my blog. Be sure to come back
and check it out!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Foster Weld..About Us

I thought I would post on here the "about us" section from Foster Weld's website, just so you could get to know them a little better.

We quit our day jobs to do this. Why? We like playing with metal. And we're pretty good  at it. We know, because 
- people buy our stuff in stores from Portland to Philly 
- nobody ever said "don't quit your day job." (Not that we'd have listened.) 

It's just a lot of fun to make stuff, using hand grinders, machine tools and plasma cutters especially, and we like knowing that everything that comes out of our shop here in Indianapolis is distinctive, original and built to last. Handmade, hand-painted, hand-distressed... No two pieces are exactly alike, which is decidedly unlike 99% of the cra-- excuse us, *merchandise* you'll see out there on the market. And it's been like that since we started It basically comes down to this: We're doing what we love, and we think it shows in everything we create. Whether it's a ten-dollar cuff or a $2000 cabinet, you get the fruits of our passion, our drive, and our inspiration. Hope you like metal fruit. 

-Foster Weld

Now you know why they are so cool!  They make their own stuff by hand, no 2 items are alike, they take great care in what they make and make it to last.  I highly recommend that you go check out their website.

They have everything: 
cool belts
unique belt buckles
awesome cuffs 
etc. etc.

And remember to use the code FW15 to get 15% off your order!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foster Weld....15% off your order!!

This is just a reminder to head on over to
Foster Weld
 to take advantage of their 15% off deal going on this week.
  (Code: FW15)  
You will NOT be sorry!!  

The other day, my sister stole borrowed my 
wrist cuff that I had gotten from Foster Weld.  Well, ALL of 
her friends wanted one for themselves 
after they saw it on her.
That is what is so cool about Foster Weld's items that they sell.  
They are so unique and so different from the "ordinary"
 accessories that you see out there.  
I also love how their items are individually hand-crafted, 
and even come with a signed postcard from 
the person who made it for you.
So, go on over and check them out!
Remember to use code: FW15 for 15% off!

Remember to use Code: FW15 for 15% off your order!

Click here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Foster Weld

Ever wanted to have that one 
accessory that is different and unique?  
I have the PERFECT item!!  It's from a company 
called Foster Weld.  They hand make all of their awesome products, 
so no two items are exactly alike.  This is my wrist cuff that 
I LOVE and i'm always getting comments on it.  

They make everything from wrist cuffs to belt buckles and belts as well.  
One of the cool things that I love about their products
 is that they are totally customizable. You can personalize
 your item with a name, date, etc etc... 
AND, this week they are giving a 15% discount
on all orders when you put in the code: FW15

Here are some of their products that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Click here to go to their site!:

Oh, crap

So folks, I spoke too soon.  I had a sore throat today, 
so I went to the docs.  I have Strep....AGAIN!!  
**2nd time this month!! **
The doc put me on a stronger medicine so I am really hoping
 that it's going to work this time!

The Crafty Side Of Life

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Also, I wanted to let you know to come back tomorrow (Monday)
I am reviewing an awesome product that would be perfect for those who 
love to wear one of a kind, cool accessories.  
Please come back a take a look this week, because they are
giving a 15% discount to all of my blog friends
AND, next week they
are giving away a $30 gift card!!
Hope to see you tomorrow!

The Crafty Side Of Life

Well, after a LONG break, I am back.  We ALL had Strep, which 
was oh, so fun! Not.  And then, when we were all on Amoxicillin 
and getting better, my son had a reaction to his medicine and 
woke up COVERED with red spots.  
(This picture is of his back...look at those spots!!)


The doctor changed his medicine and luckily the spots went away.  
It was so sad to look at him with his polka dots.
But, we are so happy that he is all better now!
That was a long few weeks.
Now, on a happier note, it's time
 to get back to crafting!

The Crafty Side Of Life