Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foster Weld....15% off your order!!

This is just a reminder to head on over to
Foster Weld
 to take advantage of their 15% off deal going on this week.
  (Code: FW15)  
You will NOT be sorry!!  

The other day, my sister stole borrowed my 
wrist cuff that I had gotten from Foster Weld.  Well, ALL of 
her friends wanted one for themselves 
after they saw it on her.
That is what is so cool about Foster Weld's items that they sell.  
They are so unique and so different from the "ordinary"
 accessories that you see out there.  
I also love how their items are individually hand-crafted, 
and even come with a signed postcard from 
the person who made it for you.
So, go on over and check them out!
Remember to use code: FW15 for 15% off!

Remember to use Code: FW15 for 15% off your order!

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