Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bargain Bin Find

I found these wood triangles in the bargain box at the craft store for
.25 cents each, and thought that I NEEDED to do something with them!
I decided to make them into some cute decor for either a shelf or a table top

They were quite simple to do.  First I
painted the sides with a cream colored craft paint, then I glued some scrapbook paper onto them.  I find that the easiest way to attach scrapbook paper onto wood is with a glue stick!!  You don't need to use any specialized wood glue, just a good ole' glue stick.  It works great!

After I glued the paper on (with a glue stick!!),  I sanded
so that there weren't any rough edges.

Now the fun part.  EMBELLISHING!  I decided to make a "birthday" decoration, complete with a homemade paper candle (i'll post that tutorial in the near future) a "home sweet home" decoration, and, since I have a little boy,
a decoration that wasn't so girly, a more "macho" decoration, which is still cutsie.  Which I glued a little clothes pin to it so that I could either attach one of his pictures to it, or in this picture, I have a little card that says "Cute".

Here they are:

The Crafty Side Of Life


  1. This is really cute. I found you through The Tootsie Wootsie. I'm at if you want to check me out. I have a pretty great giveaway for A Blogtastic EXtravaganza going on, and Mariel is one of my sponsors. $80.50 worth of prizes to ONE winner. So check it out. The post is up top.

  2. Well isn't that just fabulous! I love it. Thanks for inviting me to your linky party, I'll be there! :)

  3. A glue stick?! I never would have considered that - I love that you created such lovely decor from such simple items!

  4. These are adorable! Going to keep this in mind for my youngest! I'll try to pop back in tomorrow for your linky! Thanks for asking!

  5. this is cute! I gotta make something new haha. I am just to big with this pregnancy that i can't do anything! UGH!

  6. How cute! You never can tell what beauties can come from the bargain bin, can you? :-) Great job!

  7. These are adorable Amy! Good job!